Free Ezine Publishing – 7 Sure Ways to Profit With Ezine Publishing

There are currently seven lucrative ways to make some great income with free ezine publishing. In this article, you are provided with these very same seven ways that will help you to see some quick rewards with your ezine publishing business.

1. Ezine design is crucial. When it comes to free ezine publishing make sure that you have access to someone who is capable of providing you with a great design for your ezine work. Remember, with some of your readers, appearance means everything.

2. In free ezine publishing, you must remember that “Content is King”. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have the highest quality content when it comes to your ezine publication.

3. In free ezine publishing, targeted marketing is key. You need to make sure that the ezine that you are publishing is geared towards an appropriate market.

4. When doing free ezine publishing, you must make sure that you have a system in place to market your publication. You have to have a way to get people connected with your publication if you are to enjoy free ezine publishing success.

5. Don’t underestimate the value that a professional or expert can provide to you when you’re embarking on free ezine publishing. In the end, you can enjoy even greater profitability if you rely upon the assistance of experts and professionals in the first instance. This will also help you to avoid the many mistakes that people make when they first start off with ezine publishing.

6. You also need to make certain that when you are developing a free ezine publishing plan that you include the building of a website in that process. A website is important to have, especially if you are publishing an internet ezine.

7. Finally, you will want to continually review and modify the plans and operations that you have in place when it comes to your free ezine publishing business. The internet world is constantly evolving and changing almost everyday. Therefore, it is important that you stay on top of current trends in order to provide fresh ezine presentations to your target market.

Ezine Publishing: Formatting Your Ezine and Where to Find Free Content; Part 2

In Part 1 of this series we discussed how to start your own
newsletter. Now we move on to the nitty gritty: Formatting and
finding content.


Text ezines versus HTML format is a highly debatable subject.
At this time, most ezine publishers stick with text, and I
strongly recommend you follow suit. Many
people are still using email clients that cannot read HTML
messages – others prefer the speed, ease and security
of receiving their ezines in text format. It is safer
to use the format that is compatible with the largest
number of users.

But there are other readers who appreciate the design
quality and visual appeal of an HTML newsletter.
So what can you do to please both sides?

You can always
publish a text version and include a link to an HTML version
online. This is what I do and it seems to make the majority
of my subscribers happy. It does call for twice the amount
of work since you’ll have to make two versions of your ezine,
but in my opinion it’s well worth the extra effort.

So what is a text ezine? Basically, it’s just an email with
some special formatting applied to make sure it’s readable
by everyone, no matter what email client they may be using.
You’ll want to stick to a fixed width font like
courier or Monaco, and you’ll need a plain text editor like
Notepad or Textpad. One drawback with Notepad is it
has no built-in spell checker, so I’d advise you to
download Textpad or something similar. Many free text editors
can be found at

You’ll need to set up a template for your ezine so its look
will be consistent, issue after issue. This should
include your ezine name, date, and issue number at the very top,
by a table of contents. If you’re not sure on how it should
look, you can obtain some free ezine templates by sending
mailto:[email protected] .

At the very end of your newsletter template
you’ll want to include a paragraph on how to subscribe and
unsubscribe, copyright information, and advertising information.
It’s vital that you include unsubscribe
information in each and every issue. Do not hold people
“hostage” by making it next to impossible to get off your list,
it won’t be appreciated and is not only considered unprofessional,
but it could get you into real trouble with Spamcop.

When typing in your text you need to keep your line length at
65 characters per line and hit a hard return at the end of each
and every line. This is imperative. If you allow the words to
wrap automatically, the ezine your readers receive may have lines
chopped off mid sentence and will look terrible. By using the hard
return you’ll be ensuring that your newsletter will be readable
and attractive in the majority of email clients. Never
type your ezine in all caps as this is equivalent to screaming.


I highly recommend you write at least one original article
a month for your newsletter; more if you can. It’s OK to
include work by others on an occasional basis or for filler,
but your ezine will carry more weight if you take the time
to write your own material.

When you do need outside content, here are some excellent

You may also download this free e-book
“400 Articles You Can Use in Your Ezine” at
You’ll also find two other very handy ebooks for publishers
at the above site you may want to download as well.

Another idea for getting original articles to reprint in
your ezine is to go to Egroups and subscribe to article
announcement lists like this one:

These will
supply you with a steady stream of new articles you can

Don’t forget to visit this site which is a fantastic
resource for online publishers:

As you can see, there are many online sources that exist
solely for the purpose of helping ezine publishers
succeed. With the massive amount of information
available to you, there’s really no reason you haven’t
started your own ezine. So come on, what are you
waiting for? Your Net fame awaits!

Well, that wraps up formatting and where to get great
free content. In Part 3 of this article we’ll move
on to growing your subscriber base and selling ad
space in your publication.

Merle has been “working” the Net for over 8 years and has a S

Internet Ezine Publishing Using 3 Simple Steps

Ezines are a great marketing resource that you can have due to the leverage and money earning potential that it can provide. You can utilize ezines to stay in consistent contact with your current clients as well as structure lucrative ventures with other webmasters in your target market. Listed below are three factors you must adhere to when you start an internet ezine publishing business.

1. The first factor that you must really take heed to when doing internet ezine publishing is the quality factor. Before you even think about releasing your first ezine, you must make sure that the ezine is very well written. The key to doing high quality internet ezine publishing is to have experts and professionals within your ezine’s target market provide the content for your ezine. This way, you can be ensured that you are providing the most informative and relevant content for your readers. You want as many readers as you can to stick to your ezine’s content like glue. In internet ezine publishing, the better and more relevant the content is, the greater the reader’s response to you and your business. If nobody reads your ezine due to the poor quality content, then you won’t make any money.

2. The second factor you must adhere to when doing internet ezine publishing involves your target market. You must work carefully to identify the type of audience or market that will be most interested in the content you provide within your ezine. In order to do this, you must do some market research. Ask yourself, are your ezines going to your potential customers, or your already current customers? If you send a certain type of ezine to a non-relevant group, it can severely damage the response of your ezine. In internet ezine publishing, it is imperative that you send out an ezine chock full of targeted content to a targeted group of interested prospects.

3. Another addition to your internet ezine publishing involves the use of graphics. Graphics and images within your ezine can help improve a subscriber’s response to a product or service that you may offer. This is why it is

The Death of Product Review Ezine Publishing

Product Review Email newsletters as you know them are on death row.

There’s a new breed of Ezines; a new generation of subscriber reviews and ratings driven content ezines. No longer driven by publishers reviews of what products or services are hot based on what is most profitable for publishers. I call them “web 2.0 Ezines” following the web 2.0 sites phenomena.

These are ezines that is respected and trusted to help it’s subscribers decide what they want to buy based on very intricate systems of rating, social media and voting systems without the undue doubtful self-serving editorial reviews of publishers.

Subscribers to a web 2.0 ezine buy what they want based on trusted and relevant opinion of real users product and service reviews and ratings rather than what the editor’s reviews or hyped testimonials says.

These are a new breed of ezines that allow it’s ezine subscriber to post a review about a product or service they have purchased and used to be included as content for the ezine.

Whether you subscribe to the ezine, just to get inside product ratings and reviews by real users or contribute by way of your own real life reviews. You will find that real Users in web 2.0 ezines give you the most relevant and updated ratings and advice on a particular product or service in that market BEFORE you spend your hard earned money..

This is having tremendous significance for Ezine publishers in every niche. You see these ezines are managed by not just the publishers. The publishers empower subscribers of the ezine to post reviews to be used as editorial content in the ezine. Ratingshub Internet marketing review ezine is the latest web 2.0 ezine introduced in the internet marketing community.

The result of allowing ezine subscribers to post relevant respected and trusted user ratings and reviews as ezine content is proving to be very effective for subscribers to have the ability to access an ezine of trustworthy credible product or services facts, ideas and advice to use in their decision making.


Well, such ezines create a platform where the subscribers refer to real user product or service ratings, reviews and advice. And then based on how helpful the subscribers find it, the ezine content would determine how effective the sales promotional links would be clicked by subscribers interested in that service or product.

Product and service users are taking ezine editorial power into their own hands; They are practically co- editors of the “web 2.0” ezine by adding their own ratings, reviews and advice about products and services they have bought as relevant ezine content. These are that are trust and respect these ezines with their ratings, reviews and responses to products and services being offered in the market. They encourage or promote only products or services that are highly rated by real users to help prospective buyers.

These web 2.0 ezines are a platform for shared values, ratings, reviews, ideas and advice which are trusted more than a sales pitch or publishers own review of a product or service.

When ezine subscribers (through reviews) make the effort to tell other subscribers that they like or don’t like something about a product they bought, it means that it is important to every subscriber. After all, it’s true and helpful to those considering buying that product.

Users leave both positive and negative comments about products and then others read them, comment on them in turn…but most importantly provide honest advice subscribers to make buying decisions as they consult the ezine content.

Today’s information communication technology has changed the way subscribers are advising each other, influencing publishers and the editorial opinion in a BIG way. It is no longer enough for subscribers to take a “passive” approach to dealing with publishers or editors. Instead today’s subscribers are more willing to advise and trust each others collective product and service ratings and reviews …when faced with a buying decision.
The web 2.0 ezine …

o Gives product or services user control over editorial content; ratings, reviews, ideas and advice generation that is viewable by ezine subscribers to use.

o Subscribers trust real life product or service users as co-editors of the ezine.

o Responds to subscribers basic need for trust and credibility in order to make buying decisions.

The web 2.0 ezine is driven by a set of shared social values of respect an

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